My wife, Lori, recently went to Haiti on a mission trip and I had to check her suitcase for extra kiddos. (I was convinced she would bring home some kids that she fell in love with). She didn’t. Whew. Instead, she signed us up to sponsor a child that costs $35.00 a month. This helps bring basic resources to the child and their family such as: clean food, water, medical check-ups, education and puts them in a stronger position to succeed in life. Lori’s heart definitely goes out to those people especially after seeing first-hand what they are subjected to. They have a difficult time finding clean water or even having a sanitary place to sleep. They often don’t have a roof over their heads and go long periods without eating anything. Lori told me the story of how they saved a little girl’s life while they were there. A mother had a sick child and the nurses were able to give this girl another chance. If they weren’t there to help she wouldn’t have made it long. They often just need what we call basic medical help. The monthly donations help with this.

Another heart-warming part of her trip was how much the Haitian people were praising God. They struggle to find the bare necessities in life but they sing worship songs to God every day (you can hear some of it on episode 41 of The Nerd Show). That’s such a gut-check reality for me. I’m proud of my wife and thankful for people like her who have hearts for helping others. If you want to donate you can go through