I was not surprised this year when I received another 10% increase on my property taxes. As soon as the valuation came in the mail I began doing some research to see if I could find a “case” for the high value they sent me. I knew they were off by at least $10,000 on my home but I had to prove it.

I met with the appraisal district and asked them to reduce it but they turned me down. I then set the appointment to appeal with the appraisal review board, went back home and dug up more research and met with the board about two weeks later. They heard my case, looked at my material (which included an appraisal by a licensed appraiser) and they shot me down again. They closed the case and there was nothing else I could do at that time.

What bothered me most about this situation wasn’t the fact that they went up on my value. It is that the appraisal district is trying to be in the business of market valuations and they simply aren’t qualified to determine what a house is worth from a resale standpoint. One gentleman that was part of the board didn’t even understand how to read the appraisal paperwork I gave him. And he’s going to have a say-so in my home’s valuation? Doesn’t seem right. I’m fine with paying my dues (no one should expect to live in a great area and not have to pay a premium for it) but at least get people involved that have real estate credentials.

The market has been steadily increasing ever since 2013 and with the expected population growth for League City, it won’t slow down anytime soon. Tax increases will likely continue. If you or someone you know in League City has questions about their taxes, give me a call. Sometimes a case can be made in your favor.