The City of League City has big plans underway! Have you heard about the downtown revitalization project? I went to a meeting recently to learn more about it and I talked to some city representatives that are involved with the project. Basically, they decided that they want to create more of a historic “landmark” where the history of League City’s downtown parks, businesses, homes, trees, walkways, etc., are revitalized instead of being torn down and re-building.

A few of the improvements listed were: improved parking, better sidewalks, enhanced streetscaping and burying utilities. It was “officially” ranked as their second highest priority for their short term (0-3 years) projects. Taking first place in priority is their economics (generating income for the city).

If they can pull it off anywhere close to their mock-up designs, I think it will be a big benefit for all of us. Our city has well over 100 years of history under its belt and to ignore or tear down and start over is to disregard not only the hard work that so many have put in to help develop, maintain and preserve the city’s history, but also forfeiting an opportunity to live in a place that chooses to respect and highlight their historic area instead of letting it die. It also will create a central spot where others have a desire to gather for shopping, walking, parks, etc.

If you don’t maintain and revitalize historic areas, it becomes an eye-sore and people will eventually not want to be around it. That leads to less income for the city, which leads to less income for the schools, which leads to less people who want their kids to go to school here, which leads to home values declining, etc. This isn’t an exaggeration. It happens if you don’t take care of your city.