“At the end of the day when I walk through the house, I step into the bedrooms of three little girls. Their covers are usually kicked off, so I cover them up. Their hair usually hides their faces, so I brush it back. And one by one, I bend over and kiss the foreheads of the angels God has loaned me. Then I stand in the doorway and wonder why in the world He would entrust a stumbling, fumbling fellow like me with the task of loving and leading such treasures. Remarkable.”
— Max Lucado | In the Eye of the Storm.

“In the Eye of the Storm” is the latest book in my hands. I felt it was appropriate to share the author’s quote above because it struck a chord with me and one of the areas of my life that I’m incredibly thankful for: my children. I’m thankful for their health, their unconditional love for me and their mom, their compassion for others, their smiles, their personalities, their innocence, their faith, and their relentless pursuit to never go to bed on time. My three angels are two girls and a boy. I couldn’t imagine my life without them and my Wife. God gave me all of them and each holiday season is a good reminder to remain in a thankful state-of-mind. We all need reminders. Life gets messy and patience runs thin (especially at night when they’re determined to stall bedtime). In the end, they are my angels. Let us be thankful this season. I pray for you and your loved ones to have a very merry Christmas and a thanks-filled holiday.

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