I wanted to hone in on the most recent statistic from the National Association of Realtors that says: “93% of Texas homebuyers said that online property photos are very important in their search process.”

I know I’ve written articles on this subject before but it’s worth talking about again. We are in the type of market where some homeowners and agents tend to get complacent and they don’t put up quality pictures because they don’t think they need to. Pictures speak volumes about you and your home. They are most often the first impression a buyer has and you only have a few seconds of their “online attention” to get them interested enough to want to book an appointment to see it in person. The only buyers who are looking for bad photos are the ones who realize they can get a discount, due to the seemingly unkempt nature and darkness of the home (proper lighting is critical).
It’s all about perception. If they think you don’t care enough to have quality photos done they aren’t likely to have the right emotions in place to pay you what your home is really worth.

On the opposite end of the spectrum you don’t want your photos to look too good. Making grass a beautiful forest green when it’s not, fake skies and clouds, and making yards and rooms look much larger than they are is something a buyer doesn’t appreciate. Keeping the photos professional while at the same time exposing the natural layout and flow of the home so the buyer can get a feel for if it’s going to work for them or not, will generate higher quality showings (i.e. buyers who already know what to expect by the time they see it).

Professional photos are always worth it.