Peace of mind for about $150 bucks.

In this month’s issue, I talked about what you can expect during the last two weeks before you close on your home from the seller’s perspective. It’s also a good idea to share some insight with you about what the buyer is going through during that same time, so that you can eliminate common problems that occur during these “final moments.” In the last two weeks before you close, the buyer is going through a lot of the same things as you are: trying to pack; schedule movers and utility transfers; scheduling their closing time; reviewing the settlement statement from the title company, etc. They’re also still fetching documents for their lender and making sure their loan is in order. It’s hectic for both sides!

However, the most problematic area right before closing is that the seller thinks the house is clean but the buyer doesn’t. This is a difficult situation because a clean home is subjective; it’s open to interpretation and opinion. What often happens is the seller assures everyone that they’ll have it cleaned for the buyer (and they often have great intentions to do so) but then it gets down to the last few days and the owner is exhausted. When that happens, their judgment is tainted and they can easily “cut corners” and not prepare the house as thoroughly as it should be. I’ve seen parties threaten to not close on a home in regards to this and I’ve seen buyers come back after closing and approach the seller to get them to make things right. You can still have problems even after you’ve closed.

The point is it’s a fight you can easily avoid. If you pay someone $150 bucks or so to come and clean the house when you move out, or offer this as an allowance to a buyer, it will make your closing experience more pleasant. It takes the pressure off of you and it removes a huge task from your plate. Don’t let this cause you unnecessary stress.