Having the correct lighting inside your house can have a big impact on a buyer when they view your home. It’s one of the most popular comments I hear from buyers; they want more light in their home of choice. This is something you as a homeowner can easily take advantage of.

The first step is to go through the entire house (inside and out) and make sure all of your current lighting has fresh bulbs in place. Also, if the device can handle it, you might consider putting a stronger set of bulbs in. This will give you the maximum exposure from your current lighting without having to spend more than a few bucks.

Some additional areas you should look for more lighting enhancement/improvement opportunities are: the front porch lights, floodlights in the front yard (a great investment that’s highly attractive to buyers) and outside ceiling fans. Make sure the entry-way has the best lighting you can give it. This is the first opportunity (once the buyer is inside) for you to set the tone for their viewing. Take advantage of it.

The living room/den, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms should all have strong lighting. Make sure you open as many windows as possible for that natural lighting people crave. If you have heavy curtains that block a lot of light, either replace them with something lighter and more transparent, or take them down altogether. Worst case, find some decorative curtain holders and pull them back so they’re parted down the middle. The mood and experience will be “brighter” for the buyer when you do this.