What’s that smell? I doubt you would want a buyer saying that when they walked through your home. Am I right?

I don’t think homeowners intentionally want their home to smell bad. I just don’t think they realize it. It’s amazing what you can actually get used to when it comes to odors. A classic example is that smokers often can’t smell the smoke on themselves like others can. I want to give you some quick tips to help you prepare:

You shouldn’t have anything that creates an odor in your trash can during showings. Make sure it’s taken out.

Your pets and their materials should also be kept out of sight. This means that their bowls, beds, toys, and anything else associated with them should be kept somewhere the buyers can’t see or don’t mind them being (the garage). If pets have urinated anywhere on carpet, it should be replaced. Again, you may not smell it but others can.

Buy some “smelly goods” and give the buyers a pleasant experience when they walk in the door. All you need are a few Febreeze plugins and for you to be mindful of things that you may be used to but others won’t be. Make sure it’s not overwhelming. You don’t want it to be so strong that it’s suspicious you may be trying to hide or cover up something heavy. Just a “sprinkle” of a welcoming fragrance in each room is what you’re after, like how your house smells right after a deep clean. It gives it a warm and cozy feeling.

That’s the experience you want the buyer to have.