What to expect during the last two weeks before you close on your home.

Communication between you and your realtor is crucial when selling your home: specifically, the last two weeks before you close. At this point, you’re past the major benchmarks (home inspection and appraisal) and you’re moving forward with packing and finalizing your moving arrangements. I’m doing my best to keep everything on track and updating you (my client) on a regular basis. Diligent communication can reduce problems but delays are still common. Here’s a list of occurrences that will take place and my advice to help you:

1) Utilities.
Have utilities scheduled to be turned off for the day of closing. The buyer is responsible for scheduling theirs to be activated.

2) Choose a closing time.
I suggest closing in the morning to ensure funding (the transfer of ownership to the buyer) is complete.

3) Schedule movers.
Unless otherwise agreed, you’ll be required to be out of your house by the time you sign papers. If you close at 9am on Thursday and you’re still packing at 8:30 that morning, you’re going to be stressed. It’s better to be ahead of schedule, if possible.

4) Buyer’s walk-through.
The buyer will do a walk-through 2-3 days before closing. Your house doesn’t need to be spotless during this time, but it should be cleaned for them by the time you close.

5) Review your numbers.
You’ll get a settlement statement from the title company that will have a breakdown of your expenses and show your net proceeds amount. Review this with your realtor.

Items might have to be rescheduled; the closing might get delayed; and sometimes you’re waiting for things to get done even up to the day before closing. It can be frustrating. But knowing this upfront will reduce common stress.