“They can look past some things that need to be done. They’ll make an offer if they’re interested.”

That’s right. They’ll make an offer if they’re interested but it’s your job as the owner to get them interested. It’s your job to showcase your home in a way that makes the buyer fall in love with it. You want them to love it so much that they will line-up to pay you more than asking price for it. Even with the strong seller’s market right now, buyers still have high expectations for your home. They rarely are paying more for houses that haven’t been polished before they were listed.

Always remember that you’re in the presentation business when you list your home for sale. You should not put your faith in thinking that it will sell itself without you presenting it in the right way.

I was recently showing homes to a client and although they needed something as fast as possible, they never settled for any home that didn’t have clear indications that it had been taken care of by the owner. If it needed even basic work done and it wasn’t clean and well kept, they weren’t interested in it. It’s not right or wrong and it’s not the view that all buyers have but the majority of them are this way.

Take the initiative and create the best experience you can for the buyer because when you make it all about them, you get rewarded when it comes to offer time.