If your house had a heart you’d find it in the kitchen.

The kitchen is often called the “heart” of the house. I see homes sell faster and for more money because of how the kitchen looks. Here are three key areas that buyers look at.

Appliances. If they’re out of date, replace them. If they’re just dirty, have them cleaned. Remember, the more the buyer has to fix or update themselves, the more they’ll reduce their offer amount. I can attest to the fact that buyers will open the appliances and look at them. If they’re dirty, they get a bad feeling about how the home has been taken care of. There are some situations that may require slightly different advice in regards to replacing or not replacing the appliances, so please make sure to consult with me before you spend a lot of money in this area.

Countertops. If the majority of the homes around you have granite and you have formica, it’s something that you’ll either need to upgrade before you list or account for it on your asking price. This will also depend on budget and the condition of your current countertops.

Hardware and aesthetics. The type of sink and faucet matter. No cabinet doors hanging crookedly or drawers that don’t shut properly. These are little items that add up quickly and if the buyer is not a handy person around the house, they won’t feel good about the home’s condition.

The more you control their emotions, the better off you’ll be.