This site was created to give homeowners access to sold information for their neighborhood. This includes the actual sold prices (not a range or an estimate) for all sold homes in your subdivision, pictures, and custom stats that reveal how your neighborhood’s vital metrics are performing.

Exclusive Reports

View price trends based on year built and square footage categories. Currently, the following subdivisions are available:

  • Westover Park
  • Victory Lakes
  • Magnolia Creek
  • Tuscan Lakes
  • Brittany Lakes
  • Westwood
  • West Ranch
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Sold Listings

Search, save and see what other houses are really selling for near you (updated daily).

  • • MLS generated sold prices (The most accurate information)
  • • Find sold listings similar to your home
  • • Save sold listings to your profile
  • • Access to all sold listings in your subdivision

About Josh Hayles

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Working in League City since 2007 and creating custom House Prices Reports since 2012, Josh has the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in the area, and how you can best position yourself to get the most equity from your home. He loves spending time answering questions about the market and educating homeowners on the importance of protecting and improving their home’s value. Feel free to call or text him at 409-739-7709.

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